If you own a house with a lawn besides, it's definitely one of the most important parts of your home that makes your entire property look enormous green and beautiful. Walking on a Lush and well-maintained lawn can be a pleasant experience every evening if you can take good care of your lawn. 

Getting your lawn ready to grow more beautiful and keep them that way all year can take a good amount of effort and knowledge. You need to know the most important tips to take care of your lawn and keep the charm like a gree carpet.


Here, I will share the most important lawn care tips that you should follow if you want your lawn to naturally shine. You may need some Lawn Tools to follow all the shown tips


Low-wind, humid and cool weather conditions will help you distribute the water evenly on the ground and reduce the loss of water because of evaporation mostly. You can go for watering the lawn in the late evening between 10 PM to Even Midnight although some specialists say that this period of time may be a bad choice to water your law because of the chance of waste sprinkles left all night. 

However the best time and choice to water your lawn in the morning from 8 am to 9 am because the perfect timing comes this time. You can visit to find out more about the best practice of watering your lawn. 

You don't really have to water your lawn that much outside the growing season, water it while the grass is growing actively. In the late fall to early spring, while they are not actively growing, you don't have to water it either unless the weather is not dry. If the weather is still dry at that time, you should water it at least once in 4-6 weeks. 


While planting the grass or spreading the seeds, make sure the seeds are not compacted. Compacted grass doesn't really grow that well and this leads the lawn o mud baths and bare patches in winter and summer. 

If there any compaction, Aerate the soil with a garden fork into the soil for about 10 cm and relieve the compaction by rocking the fork handle back and forth which will allow the bottom of the grass to breath better and regrow. 

If you have a heavy ground like clay soils, It's important to brush some horticultural grit or sharp sand into the holes and you have to improve the drainage system to prevent any further compaction.


While mowing the lawn, make sure you aren’t mowing it bellow 5cm (2 Inches) and the ideal length is to keep it at 2.5 to 3.5 inches. You should mow the lawn while the weather is in between too hot and too cool or wet. The grass is vulnerable while it's too hot and the grass clippings clump on the lawn ground instead of spreading evenly while it's wet. So, avoid both the bad timing. 


Edging your lawn's grass on the edges of it will give a nice look and feel to the lawn. Fill up the bare patches with little grass or seeds if it's the season to keep the lawn on its peak condition. And don't forget to do the weeding time to time to make sure you have a healthy lawn. Before you mow your lawn, do sharpen the mower blades to avoid any bad cut to the grass. Fertilize the lawn accordingly and don't overdo it. 

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